Red Tea

Thanks Jesus so I can finished up my Semester 3 in NAFA. It has been a tiring semester for me. But thanks God for everything especially this one, my final work for Integrated Studio Project.
The idea was simply to distribute the new flavor of Coca - Cola Red Tea (hope they will create it for real) to the eastern people by using these very familiar characters as the approach.

Poster Series | Main Items
 i-pad Cover | Supporting Items

 Preview Board (samples) | Supporting Items

Final Display

And ! my 1st experiment of using my illustration on an animation.

Commercial Ads | Supporting Items

And last but not least, Thanks God they took my works for the upcoming exhibition in NAFA.
I also want to thank my family, Yemima, Darren, Akila, 2 eyes members, and of course you!
for making it happens.
See you guys ! Enjoy holiday. More walls & works are coming.
God bless !

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