Sunday at the Training Shed

It was actually at the last week of May. Thank God that I had an opportunity to paint with these guys at the Training Shed. Thanks to Obey Singapore also to put things all together. We had fun yo !

arranging composition..

full wall

 Art by Inc&Clog, Slac (ZNC), Roak (ZNC), S13 (ZNC), Myow (ZNC), Atomic.K (ZNC), Noob, Dem (TAC), Chimps and Mutons ( Not in order )


Instagram yo !

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Holiday Session

Back to the holiday session after I've finished my Final Year Project in NAFA for Diploma level.
I will update my FYP work with my graduation show soon I promise.
Anyway here's the afternoon session with Mutons, PED, and Mao after we did FYP presentation.

Half done PED's work and Mutons


Lately #2

Hi Folks,
It's been a long time since I haven't posted anything on my blog.
However it doesn't mean that I did nothing! I've been painting here and there and making things.
Here's some updates for some painting sessions I did in the past.